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MTM Case-Gard .22 Caliber Ammo-Wallet

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MTM Case-Gard .22 Caliber Ammo-Wallet
  • Keeps 30 rounds of .22 caliber ammo clean and dry
  • Size and shape of a man's wallet
  • Snap-lok cover won't pop open if dropped
  • 10 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Cover stands in "open" position to leave both hands free for loading and shooting
  • Texturised non-slip finish, looks and feels like an ordinary man's wallet
  • Flexible hinge guaranteed one million open/close cycles without breaking
  • 100 5 polypropylene - impervious to common gunshop solvents
  • Won't warp, chip, crack, peel, expand or contract

N.B. Actual colour may vary from photograph.